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A Lesson From Bob Cochran: Happiness Is:

Emotions and how they effect us. I recently read we have six basic emotions or possibly just four if you can believe some researchers. The six emotions are Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise. Some researchers claim Fear and Surprise may be the same emotion and Anger and Disgust may also be the same emotion. Obviously there are different stages of emotions but FullSizeRender1313IMG_2154I wanted to share with you my latest and strongest interpretation of the emotion I consider the one most important to all of us: Happiness.

The attached article was written by my old friend Bob Cochran and it is from “The Taylor County News and The Butler Herald” dated Thursday December 24, 2015. Due to my lack of expertise with all things computer I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures and the article but I hope you can read this without straining your eyes too much.

I leave it for you to decide if this kind of friendship as described in Bob’s tribute to his fishing buddy, Doc Frank who had just passed away six days earlier isn’t one of the purest forms of Happiness.

Oddly enough Bob did not elaborate in the note he sent me with the paper about Doc Sams and Doc’s given name but since he had sent me the entire edition of that week’s paper I had the opportunity to thumb through it and I saw the obituary (also attached) of Dr. Frank H. Sams of Reynolds, Ga. He was 77.FullSizeRender1213

His life and life’s work was one of much giving and caring. Not only was I impressed by the life led by Dr. Frank Sams but I am equally impressed that Bob Cochran was moved to express the love he had for fishing and spending time with “Doc Frank.”

And that is one of the best definitions of “Happiness” I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you Doc Frank for your service and your life’s work and a special thank you to Bob Cochran for sharing your story with us.

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