Malcolm Mitchell – “The Magician’s Hat.”

11953168_410297495845025_6278741926024803135_nThis is how Malcolm Mitchell became my hero and it was not at a football game.

It is UGA football time and I don’t think nearly enough people have heard of Malcolm Mitchell’s impressive move from being one of college football’s premier wide receivers to being the author of a children’s book. It is a lateral move that generally has no parallel in the world of jocks.

UGA’s Mitchell has suffered past injuries that have kept him from being fully active on the football field. In a thought process that is far from average for young athletes today Mitchell apparently began to wonder what his mission in life would be if he could no longer play football. During his musings over his future he must have seriously realized how precious a college education was going to be for him if he couldn’t earn a living as a football player. It was at this same time he worried over the fact he was not exactly your average speed reader. In fact, he knew he was not such a hot reader at all.

You’ve really got to admire a young guy who sees his future as clearly as Malcolm Mitchell saw his. He made a trip down to the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. While searching for material he thought he could read and understand, he saw a woman customer choosing several books. Mitchell made a wide receiver’s quick decision to catch this woman and to ask her advice about reading material for himself.

He approached this lady, asked her a few questions and before you could say Malcolm Mitchell is in a book club, Malcolm Mitchell was in a book club. He found he was the only guy in the club, the only black person in the club and he was the youngest person in the club.

After joining the club and he beginning to master the reading part of the reading and writing equation his next play was to go for the long ball. That’s right, he wrote his own book. His childrens’ book, “The Magician’s Hat” can be found on any respectable website that sells books. Get your copy now.

This is a short sweet message about how Malcolm Mitchell discovered all those other worlds in all those books but it is basically the same story we all lived. We knew not much at all until we began to seriously read. All we know and have learned we learned mostly from reading. Thankfully we were taught to read by caring people and, by the right flip of the coin, Malcolm Mitchell chose a book club made up of older white women who undoubtedly gave him many helpful hints on reading and writing.

And so, my fellow Americans, all we really need to do is to get back to the basics of education for our young people; the school kids who keep floundering as they approach each new level of education they hope to attain.

All we need to do is find that Magician’s Hat that Malcolm Mitchell found. There is a magic wand in that hat with a four letter word stamped on it…..READ.


I’ll bet you can tell this came from The Athens Banner-Herald newspaper.