Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Beach 2

You can dream you are on the beach.

beach 3

You can dream you are playing golf at the beach.

There are some strange guys out there working on a headband that will allow you to control your dreams. They have already raised almost $200,000 on Kickstarter.

This magical headband is supposed to measure your brain waves and eye movements to catch you when you enter the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep.

That’s when you generate all those marvelous dreams you have now. Then the amazing headband will emit lights that are not supposed to wake you but they will make you aware you are dreaming. You then can control your dreams by going into a lucid dream state. They didn’t say exactly how you make that part work.

I did not make any of this up out of whole cloth or even tattered old tee shirts. I read it. I do not believe it but who knows?

Dr. Rachel Salas who is the assistant medical director at Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep does not believe it either. She says all the quack devices that are now on the market cannot detect the various stages of sleep. She is a board-certified neurologist and she has to use several different devices in order to measure all your different stages of sleep.


You can dream of climbing mountains.

golf 2

Dream of playing golf at St. Andrews Old course.

She believes the Aurora Sleep Band may actually create insomnia because we are already exposed to so many light sources every day. Increasing light may create sleep disorders.

The Aurora headband co-founder Daniel Schoonover actually believes lucid dreaming will relieve stress and if you dream of practicing your piano lessons while lucid dreaming it will increase your ability to play the piano in real life. Mr. Schoonover apparently does not understand that normal sleep and dreaming are already  parts of real life.

So dream your life away. Dream of all the things you always wanted to do. I feel absolutely sure that all these wonderful things you always dreamed of are almost in your grasp. Mr Schoonover just needs a few more hundreds of thousands dollars to make your dreams come true.


Dream of skydiving in a coat and tie.

And if you’re a woman of the world, who wants to see everything in the world, maybe one day you can reach that marvelous dream state that allows you to effortlessly encircle the globe in a single day while watching the sun rise in a hundred exotic lands as you slowly emerge from breath-taking starry evenings you leave behind you.

And if you are just a good old boy who wants to dream of being surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women who wait on you hand and foot you might as well forget about it.

I can tell you all that time passes quickly and your best bet is to dream of getting a good night’s rest without being aroused from a sound sleep just to stumble into the bathroom because your bladder doesn’t care if you’re lucid dreaming or not. Your bladder does not have the same dreams you have.

Opt for restful, blissful sleep. Besides your heart might not be able to take the strain of too much lucid dreaming. You know lots of folks go to sleep and never wake up. Who knows what scared them to death while they were asleep?

Stay away from lucid-dreaming Aurora headbands. Lucid dreaming is not for weak hearts…… or weak bladders.


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