The Awful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Syndrome

Did you remember? Alice fell through the rabbit hole. She was not as graceful as we are but what the heck we all can’t be as nimble as Fred Astaire. One of the things that happened to Alice after doing that nosedive was she began to see people and objects as much tinier than they actually were or they became greatly magnified. You might not remember this. I don’t remember it either but now the Lewis Carroll Second Guessers Club and a few shrinks too are beginning to believe that Carroll occasionally saw huge people and, at times, some little bitty people too.

That’s where the sordid and unworthy misnomer of the “Alice in Wonderland” Syndrome rears its ugly head. These learned folk think that Lewis Carroll had migraine headaches and they now believe migraine headaches and some people who suffer from them also suffer from a malady that causes them to have visions of things that appear much greater or much smaller in size than they really are.

So if you suffer from migraines and you should happen to see things larger than life, don’t get carried away. Just remember, you might have the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ syndrome. It can’t be all bad either. Just think of how much food you can pile on your plate because a little headache made you think you weren’t eating much at all. All you have to do is turn to your bride and say, “I think I feel a little headache coming on.” and she will perfectly understand why you just loaded up enough food on your dinner plate to feed a family of fifteen small Asian children.

This is a rare syndrome. People who suffer from it have temporary episodes of distorted perception of body size. During such a period, if you have the syndrome, you may feel your body is larger or smaller than normal and people or objects around you will appear larger or smaller than usual.

Don’t be alarmed. I think some of this can be used to greatOrder From advantage. I have already mentioned the amount of food we can consume without fear of criticism from our peers and relatives. If the headaches are not all that terribly bad, think how many people can assume they are small and thin because their appearance in the mirror seems to tell them it is so.

We can all walk around with the sure knowledge that we are tiny people. What a tremendous boost to our big fat egos.

This is much like a public service announcement made for the betterment of our society. There is no charge for this gibberish and I pray you feel the same way and you will not send me a bill for any time I may have cost you in your reading of this. However, if you do have some extra change in your pocket, you can purchase the small book pictured above from by merely clicking on the blue shawl.