The Kensley Report #1 – 2012

The Kensley Report 2012-I – Came into Statesboro Thursday July 5. Cason wanted to ride shotgun but we put him in the back seat and duct taped the little movie screen to his big head. Aunt Kay had ribs and potatoes and peas and rolls and corn on the cob and a birthday cake. I ate three pounds of cherry tomatoes. Uncle Ben only has four tomato plants this year but he says Wal-Mart has stacks of tomatoes on shelves and in coolers in town and not to worry about a tomato shortage. He also has a map to Strickland Farms where we can haul 55 gallon drums and pick our own tomatoes. Tomorrow we are going to a computer store where we can get a calculator with more than twelve digits so we can calculate how many drums of tomatoes we will need for my two week visit.

Things were pretty quiet last night (that’s not really true because Cason was here). Uncle Ben does not call him Cason. He calls him “Rambling Red Roberts. He says the rambling does not mean Cason wanders about. It means Cason’s mouth has been clocked at 83 miles per hour on a zig-zag course. Uncle Ben says Cason can ask you six questions, answer two of them himself, forget three of them and tell you he really didn’t want to know the answer to the last one, all in the space of 49 seconds. He said Cason could stay here too and we would let him swim in the little pond out back every morning but Cason backed out when he learned he was going to have to get out of a burlap bag I put him in before we threw him in.

Tomorrow we crank up the “jewry” business again. I think we’re calling the new production company, Kreations by Ken Ken.