The Kensley Report #2 – 2012

The Kensley Report II – To Kim Cooper Brooks from Ken Ken – Sorry about yesterday’s report. We got busy plotting the expected success of the jewry manufacturing business. I had Uncle Ben helping me with a special spring hook that goes on earrings when he sneezed and clapped his hand over his mouth.The ring got hooked in his nose. I wanted to take him to the emergency room but Aunt Kay said to just leave the ring in his nose.
We went next door to the Harvey’s house to celebrate the sell of the house. Mrs. Harvey had pigs-in-a-blanket. I ate 14 of them. I just ate the bread. Uncle Ben ate the little pieces of sausage. He wanted me to eat 10 or 12 more so he could have enough sausage to make a hot dog. Mrs. Harvey gave us funny looks. Aunt Kay made us get up and go home. They live right next door so Uncle Ben thought it would be okay if I drove them over. Aunt Kay’s car was still smoking this morning. I don’t think the pine tree is going to make it. Those air bags really do a good job. I didn’t lose a single tooth.
My site on “Etsy” is named “KreationsbyKenKen. When we named it the stupid thing wouldn’t let us put spaces between the words. Production of the jewry went well but Uncle Ben had a tough time taking pictures of it. First with his iphone and then my phone and then Aunt Kay’s ipad and finally with Aunt Kay’s camera. Then he had a horrible time getting the pictures to look good and getting them on the website. He said it would be easier if he weren’t so computer crazed. He also said a lot of other things I couldn’t understand. I asked Aunt Kay and she said not to worry because Uncle Ben speaks a strange language and often curses in more than one tongue. I wanted to ask you what “jammersluck” means. Anyhow that’s what it sounded like when he got the ring stuck in his nose and later when he was stomping that camera into little pieces.