The Bra That Keeps on Giving


This is “The True Love Tester Bra.” I suspect that little electronic looking light right there in the front and center is designed to zap you from about forty feet away if you are into leering at well endowed women. You have been warned!

Bra by Japanese

I thought this was the backside of the other picture but I can’t be sure because why would you need a clasp in the back if all you have to do is make her nostrils flare just one good time and the thing will fly loose in the front?


I Don’t know why so-called red-blooded American boys spend so much time watching bigger faster boys chase various shapes and sizes of sports balls up and down a big rectangle or golf course when they could easily avail themselves of wonderful news articles like this one I recently found.

This is all about the True Love Tester Bra. A Japanese company has invented this bra. A woman’s heart rate, hormones and nervous system can be monitored by use of a mobile phone app and once all these signals synchronize and join forces as a great boost of excitement in the woman, the clasp will release itself.

The front clasp glows pink when the woman is in love with someone near her. I guess if she is unsure she can take her shirt off and take a closer look at the clasp.

No need to worry Mom. Jogging, shopping, eating spicy food or watching a horror movie will not make the bra release. It has to be “True Love.” One problem is the cups were designed by men and everybody knows that men no nothing about a woman’s body. So be careful because when the cups pop open I understand it’s with a real bang.

Since I am almost in the “about as old as you can get” generation I like to try to be protective of my older friends. I want to warn older women to avoid this piece of apparel at all costs. I can just see one of my more buxom older lady friends having a terrible accident while wearing this bra.

If she goes down on an escalator and passes a good looking guy going up the bra might accidentally pop open and the resulting avalanche of abundant bosom might throw her face first down the moving stairway.

She could possibly bounce for thirty minutes before security personnel could grab her and handcuff her to a door handle.

No need to worry Mom. The Japanese company, Ravijour, holding the patent had the bra designed as an advertising ploy and you probably will never see such a crazy item on the market.

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