You Smile More When You’re Pullin’ Oil

Oil Pulling 2

Swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for health reasons might be okay but be especially careful if you are old and have any loose teeth. You could pull those old loose teeth slap out of your sassy mouth.

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Some people prefer sesame seed oil when they are pulling oil. They claim it makes their breath fresher, their mouths feel cleaner and they use sea salt water to rinse which even further enhances the effects of the oil pulling.






If you haven’t pulled oil then you don’t know what you’re missing. As a matter of fact you might not care about what you’re missing, but one of the beauties of using coconut oil to cleanse your mouth and teeth and to cure a host of ills, or so they say, is if you decide you are not suited to be this healthy, you can always use the oil for cooking.

Pulling oil has been a tradition in India for thousands of years but before I practice this for very long I’m going to start checking out Indians in convenience stores and food marts and hotels just to be sure they have pretty good looking teeth. I’d hate to think I took up another ritualistic routine that doesn’t do much for me.

It’s said to cut through plaque on your teeth and to remove toxins.One half the fats in coconut oil are antimicrobial. It can kill strep bacteria, viruses and fungi. It clears up acne and reduces skin rashes by destroying bacteria in your body. This stuff will whiten your teeth, improve gum health and eliminate bad breath. It gives you a beautiful smile.

Removing bacteria and toxins eliminates stress and improves energy. Stress can often lead to skin problems. It gets better all the time. They even claim it will help you with your headaches, asthma, arthritis and diabetes.

One gal even said she gets up in the morning and pulls oil while she’s getting ready for work. She helps pass the time by humming a little tune as she pulls oil.

I would not recommend you hum while you are pulling oil and never, never whistle while you are doing it. It makes a big mess.

I’m not too sure about humming either. Katie Mae and I have sworn off trying to pull oil at the same time. It’s too difficult to communicate with a mouth full of oil by making strange faces and grunting like chimps at each other. Besides, who’s left to answer the phone.

We tried humming as we swished (just one time) but when I hummed “I’ve Got the Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.” we both got tickled and it took two days to clean up our bedroom.

I’m watching my behavior closely because while we were cleaning the bedroom I could hear her humming quietly in a far corner. As I eased over to where she was working I could hear the faint strains of, “Hit The Road Jack.”

I have not totally decided to stop my pulling oil ritual but I just checked the life expectancy in India and I found it is 65.48 years. I’m already 72.50 years and I might even live to be 75 if I don’t make her mad again.

Oil Pulling

Coconut oil for oil pulling is usually in the form of organic extra virgin cold pressed oil. It will melt in your mouth but please do do not try to whistle a happy tune while you’re pulling oil.

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